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Benefits of Replacing Your Old Roof With A New One

After identifying that your roof is old and it’s time to be replaced, we want homeowners to understand the benefits they are getting with a replacement. Homeowners can be hesitant to invest in a new roof, so understand exactly what you’re getting can help you move forward.

1. Property Value: A new roof on a house makes your house much easier to sell. An old decaying roof is extremely unattractive to potential home buyers so if you plan on selling your house in the future, you’re certainly getting value back.

2. Reduced Repairs: If you hold off on a replacement, you’ll certainly be throwing money into repairs. While a roof repair may be cheaper, if they become too frequent, you’re going to be wasting money in the long run. Getting a new roof repair will allow you stop thinking about roof work for some time.

3. Energy Efficiency: There’s a very good chance that if you have an old roof, that it’s leaking air. Getting a new roof can help reduce your energy bills by keeping that cold A/C air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter.

4. Safety & Peace of Mind: A new roof provides homeowners with a peace of mind that there family is safe. An old roof that leaks water can turn into mold growth that can create health risks. Eliminate unneeded issues and get a new roof.

5. Curb Appeal:A new roof makes your house much more attractive when looking at it. From having lost shingles, faded shingles or shingles covered with mold, a new roof adds a fresh breath of life into a house. Real estate agents estimate that roughly 40% of your homes curb appeal is attributed to the roof.

Oceanside Exteriors are trusted roofing contractors that are happy to provide their customers with a new roof installation. We provide our services throughout the Greater Portland Area and beyond.

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