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Common Mistakes Inexperienced Roofers Makes

With so many contractors around ready to take on your roofing job. It is essential to seek out for quality and experience for a successful roofing installation job. When hiring a roofer, consider their expertise to avoid any average work that could cost you dearly to fix if installed incorrectly. Check out the most common mistakes that are made by inexperienced roofers.

Incorrect Nailing. When it comes to roof installation, some specific regulations and guidelines leave no room for improper nailing. For example, asphalt shingles require a certain amount of nails for correct installation. Of those who do not follow the manufacturer’s regulations are not sticking behind the shingle manufacturer’s warranty which in effect will cause your roof to fail sooner than the guaranteed lifespan that was given.

Wrong Starter Section. Before getting started with shingles installation, it is important on how you begin layering down the shingles that will determine the end result. Installing the starter section along with eaves of the roof at the beginning stages is a vital step for successful roofing installation. If the shingles were done incorrectly or neglected can play a huge factor from water infiltration issues to the roof.

Placing Shingles on Existing Roof. It is highly recommended by any roofers that when installing new layers of shingles should remove any old roof first. This will allow roofers to assess the roof deck without any issues as adding extra weight on the existing layer of shingles can cause damages to the home walls, and roof structure which ultimately cost you more than you first anticipated.

Lack of Leak Barrier. When it comes to home maintenance checklist, Gutters are often neglected. However, without thoroughly cleaning out the debris or fallen leaves (in particular during the Fall season) can clog up the downspout which causes the water to back up and the fascia and roof or even worse collapse due to the weight of debris.

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