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Exterior Home Maintenance Tips During The Fall

It’s currently 85 degrees up here in Portland and while walking outside it can be tough to even imagine fall, but it’s right around the corner. The first day of fall is only 3 weeks away and that means, there is more time spent around the house and getting ready for winter. Homes take such a beating during the winter, so follow some of these important exterior maintenance tips to make sure it’s ready.

1. Trim Trees:All that snow and ice that attacks trees in such an extra burden for them. Make sure to trim dead tree branches and any limbs that are hanging over your house. Not doing so increases the probability that you’ll damage your roof, siding and landscape from falling debris.

2. Clean your Gutters: The gutters on your home provide an amazing service by allowing water to properly drain down off your roof and down towards the ground. With leaves and other debris clogged in your gutters, they can’t work properly and there will be a range of issues that can follow. Make sure that after the leaves fall that you clean your gutters. This will ensure that ice dams don’t pop up during the winter leading to leaks through your roof.

3. Roofing & Siding Inspection: If there is ever a time during the year to inspect the integrity of your homes siding and roof, the fall would be that time! Before the winter comes, walk around your house and look at these important aspects of your house. There are some telltale signs that it’s time for a new roof or new siding. If you aren’t sure to the level of help you need, Oceanside Exteriors can inspect your house.

4. Seal Window & Door Air Leaks: As the temperature drops, walk past your windows and see if you can feel a cool breeze coming into your house. If you can, then it is most likely time for new windows. If you decide to hold off and get new windows after the winter, try to seal them up.

For more help getting your home ready for the winter, please feel free to reach out to Greater Portland Maine's top contracting company. We can revamp your house for this winter and many winters to come with new roofing, siding, windows and more!

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