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Four Signs That You Should Replace Your Windows

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While windows can nearly two decades if taken care of properly, but eventually, your windows will begin to fail. If you are unsure of whether you need to replace your windows, check out our guide for the signs you need to look out for to know if its time to replace your windows:

Your Windows Are Drafty: Sometimes small gaps form in between your window and the frame which create drafts. Whether its from improper installation, your frames rotting away, failing weather-stripping, or even the window not closing properly, drafty windows should be replaced in order to cut down on heat and air conditioning costs. While you may believe that it is more economical to deal with a draft, in the long run, leaving a leaking window will end up costing you more money.

Your Window Frames Are Rotting: Windows are often susceptible to water damage. While water runs right down your siding, window sills allow water to sit, and if it happens enough times, you may find that your frames are beginning to rot. If you notice that any part of your window frame is rotting, be sure to replace the frame at minimum. While you can attempt to make spot repairs to the window frame, you are better off replacing the entire window to ensure that you have tight seal on the next one. Leaving a window frame to rot can cause water damage to occur within the frame and siding around the window and end up costing far more money in the long run.

Your Windows Are Affected By Condensation: It is possible for moisture to get in between the panes of your window. If condensation begins to appear in between your window panes, it is a sign that your window doesn’t have a tight seal. While it is possible that the moisture will stay contained in between your window frames, if there is enough condensation, it can begin to seep into your home, or rot your window frame out. At the very least, the condensation will obstruct your view through the window. While it is possible replace the seal in your window, it can always fail again, and you will likely be better off if you just replace the whole window.

Noise Pollution: One of the main functions of your window is to cut down on noise. If you find that you hear a lot of noise coming through your windows while they are closed, whether its cars, planes, or even people, it can be a sign that your windows are in need of replacement. If the noise pollution is particularly bad, it may be because your windows are single-paned, which should be replaced because they are also poor insulators.

There are more reasons you may want to replace your windows, including aesthetic benefits, or the window not opening or closing properly, but those are some of the more subtle reason to consider replacing them. If you are interested in learning more about replacing your windows, or discussing some of the available options, contact our team at Oceanside Exteriors by calling 207.310.7659 or filling out our online contact form today!


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