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Simple Ways to Maintain Your Roof

A home is an important investment for an individual and it can be expensive if an accident were to happen. To save yourself the trouble of breaking open the piggy bank, you can have routine maintenance. Over 75% of single family homes in America have asphalt roofing. Asphalt shingle are relatively cheap compared to some other roofing materials. Here are a few ways to be a responsible homeowner and protect your investment.

Check Broken Shingles
Take a look at your roof and remove any old or broken shingles and replace them with a new one. While you’re at it, pay close attention to any cracks or anything else that seems abnormal to your roof. Call the experts like Oceanside Exteriors if you need any help on quick maintenance or to answer any questions about roofing.

Clean Gutters/Roof
An easy tip is to keep those gutters clean, look for any rust on the side of the gutters too. You need to pay attention to your surroundings above your roof as well. Branches can be a nuisance because if leaves were to fall it would cover your roof and fill your gutters! By leaves covering your roof, they cause mold growth, rusting, and moisture build up. Moisture build up on your roof can result in ice dams during the winter!

Watching for Pests
Keep your eyes open for any signs of pests that may make your roof its home. Your attic can play a big role in the condition of your roof, look around for any signs of a pest like birds, termites and more. Having unwanted inhabitants may be dangerous to you and your roof. If you were to find any signs of pests living in your home, a quick and easy solution to protecting yourself and your roof would be to call animal control for assistance.

If you are too busy to take any of these steps don't ever be afraid to call Oceanside Exteriors for your roofing needs. Oceanside Exteriors will give you professional advice to increase the longevity of your home. Call Oceanside Exteriors today at 207.310.7659 or email us today at oe@oceansideexteriors.me

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