CertainTeed Cedar Impressions Shingle Siding

Our team at Oceanside Exteriors is happy to be able to offer our CertainTeed Cedar Impressions Shingle siding installation services to homeowners in need! Cedar siding looks fantastic, and many homeowners love the rustic look that it provides for their home’s exterior. However, cedar siding requires a fair amount of maintenance, as you need to ensure that your siding is not rotting off of your home! For homeowners who want to enjoy the beauty of cedar siding without all the maintenance issues involved, we are happy to be able to offer our CertainTeed Cedar Impressions installation services! Keep reading below to learn more about the benefits of Cedar Impressions!

Benefits Of Cedar Impressions Siding

Cedar Impressions are a fantastic siding option that many homeowners choose to both boost their home’s curb appeal and provide protection from the elements. Keep reading below to learn more about the benefits of Cedar Impressions siding!


One of the first reasons that many homeowners choose to install CertainTeed Cedar Impressions is due to the aesthetic appeal that the siding provides. Cedar Impressions look just like real cedar shingles, providing your home with a rustic look that will help your home stand out in the neighborhood! If you’re looking for a siding option that can be a focal point of your home’s exterior, CertainTeed Cedar Impressions are a fantastic option!


While cedar wood shingles have the potential to rot or otherwise deteriorate from the weather, Cedar Impressions are constructed with a durable polymer that is virtually maintenance-free. It will never need to be painted, and it will be able to withstand everything that New England can throw at it, from frigid winters, to humid summers, to salty coastal winds!

Environmentally Friendly

While many homeowners would assume that a polymer composite wouldn’t be environmentally friendly, the fact of the matter is that Cedar Impressions is completely recycleable, and the lack of caulking and painting required during it’s installation makes it an environmentally friendly option! If you’re looking for an environmentally sustainable siding material that still offers great protection from the elements and fantatsic durability, Cedar Impressions are wonderful option to consider!



Cedar Impressions are a fantastic siding option that not only keep your home protected from the elements, they also offer fantatsic curb appeal and will boost your home’s resale value! If you are interseted in installing cedar wood shingle siding onto your home, our team at Oceanside Exteriors is ready to help! We can be contacted over the phone at (207) 310-7659 or by filling out our online contact form! We look forward to assisting with your siding replacement needs!

Our Recent Projects

Ocean Avenue

It felt good to participate in the rennovation of this stately structure. It demanded no less than the finest modern materials available: HardiPlank siding and Certainteed Landmark architectural shingles. The results, as they say, speak for themselves.


A new construction home in Freeport built by LandMarx Construction and sided and roofed by Oceanside Exteriors. WOW!
We used Maibec cedar shingles and Azek trim and roofing.

Killogg Street

This was a big job. There were 52 windows, five doors and frames, extensive facia and soffit at the top of the building, ceilings, pillars, rakes, and railings. Some of these areas were in rough shape and required repair and/or restoration.

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