Complete Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement Services in Greater Portland

Oceanside Exteriors is proud to offer our complete roof replacement services to our clients. No matter what kind of roof you want installed, from asphalt shingles, to rubber, to metal, Oceanside will make sure your roof is installed correctly from roof deck to flashing.

For most clients, their roofs are made out of asphalt shingles. While all you can see from the surface of the roof are the shingles themselves, there is a lot more that goes into the construction of these shingle roofs than meets the eye.

New Roof Installation

The installation process begins with removing the old shingles and disposing of them safely. Once the shingles have been removed, the crew will need to examine the roof deck to check its structural integrity. If any portions of the roof deck are rotting, they need to be replaced before the new roof is installed.

Once the roof deck has been examined and repaired, the crew will need to install an ice and water barrier at the edges of the roof. The ice and water barrier stops water from soaking through the shingles and into the roof deck. Water running down the roof, either from a rainstorm or from melting snow, has the potential to permeate under the shingles and do a considerable amount of rot damage to the roof deck. The ice and water barrier can mitigate this damage.

After installing the ice and water barrier, the shingle installation process begins. There are a few different kinds of shingles for different sections of the roof. The first shingles that the crew installs are the starter shingles, fitted with extra adhesive to secure the edges of your roof in the event of high winds. After the starter shingles are installed, the crew will work its way up the roof deck, nailing down the shingles. Once they reach the top, they will install ridge cap shingles along the top of your roof which allow the roof to ventilate through the top.

Once the ridge cap shingles have been installed, if there are any vents or a chimney on the roof, they will need to be flashed to ensure they are water tight. Once the flashing is complete, the crew will clean off the roof and work area and leave the client to enjoy their new roof!

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Our Recent Projects

Ocean Avenue

It felt good to participate in the rennovation of this stately structure. It demanded no less than the finest modern materials available: HardiPlank siding and Certainteed Landmark architectural shingles. The results, as they say, speak for themselves.


A new construction home in Freeport built by LandMarx Construction and sided and roofed by Oceanside Exteriors. WOW!
We used Maibec cedar shingles and Azek trim and roofing.

Killogg Street

This was a big job. There were 52 windows, five doors and frames, extensive facia and soffit at the top of the building, ceilings, pillars, rakes, and railings. Some of these areas were in rough shape and required repair and/or restoration.

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