New Roofing & Siding Install in Portland Maine

Oceanside Exteriors was happy to transform this small Portland home just a few years ago.

This house was the Friday Feature in the Portland Press Herald on July 4th and we wanted to bring some attention to it on our website!

Problems Before:

The image below shows a roof that was breaking down quickly. Visually you can see the stains and discoloration but on top of that, it was leaking.

On top of that, shutters were falling off and the old siding needed to be replaced.

Project Details:

  • New Roofing
  • New Siding
  • New Paint Job

It is truly amazing how you can transform a house!



The homeowners were thrilled with the results and the before and after images tell the story. A complete transformation was in order and we were thrilled to be apart of it.

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