Siding Installation, Portland Maine

This was a big job. There were 52 windows, five doors and frames, extensive facia and soffit at the top of the building, ceilings, pillars, rakes, and railings. Some of these areas were in rough shape and required repair and/or restoration. A lift was used in order to access some of the areas to be painted. The extremely detailed preparation and painting work alone took four weeks to complete.

Services Performed

  • Removed all existing wood siding
  • Taped all seams
  • Installed J-Channel where appropriate
  • Installed starter strip at bottom course
  • Installed vinyl siding over the insulation on the walls (This option entails removal of all existing wood siding to the sheathing; no trim would be repaired or removed. This option is recommended as it results in higher longevity and presents a preferable process of installing vinyl siding: J-Channel is mounted flush with corner boards and window trims and thus not exposed to the elements.)
  • Scraped all loose and chipping paint.
  • Primed all bare wood using oil-based primer.
  • Caulked all trim and voids.
  • Used wood filler and bond as needed to restore old trim.
  • Applied two coats of semi-gloss finish paint (Benjamin Moore exterior grade paint).
  • Installed rex wrap house wrap.
  • Repaired rotted sills, window trim, crown molding, framing and trim using PVC and wood.
  • Replaced handrails.
  • Scraped and lightly sanded front deck and stairs. Applied primer and two coats of porch and floor paint to the decking and stairs.
  • Scraped, sanded, caulked, primed, and filled shed. Applied two coats of paint.
  • Performed carpentry repair to shed and window and corner details after the painting and siding had been completed.

Materials Used

  • Vinyl siding
  • J-Channel
  • Rex Wrap

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