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Roof Inspection and Maintenance

Oceanside Exteriors is happy to be able to provide Maine homeowners with their roof inspection and maintenance services. Roofs are one of the most complicated, and expensive, home repairs you can make. There are so many different aspects of a roof that can fail, and sometimes individual sections may fail without compromising the structural integrity of the entire roof. When this happens, Oceanside Exteriors will help you repair the section of your roof that has failed, whether it’s broken shingles, the flashing around your chimney, or a few pieces of rotted roofing deck.

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Broken Shingles

Sometimes a few shingles on your home may break or decay without the entire shingle system failing. When this happens, Oceanside can make the necessary repairs for you in order to keep your roof in working order without replacing the entire shingle system.

Moss or Lichen Buildup

If your roof seems to be collecting moss or lichen, it can be a sign that your roof deck is rotting underneath your shingles. Oceanside will assess the moss on your roof and determine if your roof deck needs repairs. If your roof deck needs to be repaired, Oceanside will lift your shingles to repair the roof deck below them, and then reinstall your shingles back into place.

Cracked or Broken Caulking

Sometimes the caulking around your flashing can fail. If that happens, you will want to repair it to ensure that water doesn’t seep in around your vents or chimney. Oceanside will make the repairs to help save your roof deck.


Another auxiliary piece of your roof that should be inspected is your gutter system. Oceanside will examine your gutter system to ensure that it is still securely attached to your home. Gutters can bear a lot of weight during heavy rainstorms, or winter storms, so it is important to ensure that your gutter system is securely attached to your roof.

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