What Is James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

While many homeowners choose to install fiber cement siding on their home’s, it remains a bit less popular than vinyl siding, which is due in part to homeowners not understanding exactly how it is made. While everyone knows what vinyl siding is, fiber cement remains a mystery to some homeowners, which curbs their interest in the material. However, its composition is relatively simple, and far more environmentally sustainable than vinyl siding.

Fiber cement siding is built from mostly organic materials. The first step in its construction is to grind silica sand into fine particles. A bit of water is added to the mixture to help reduce the amount of dust that it creates, which is then mostly drained from the material. While this process occurs, wood pulp is mixed together with water to create a thick mixture, which is eventually mixed with silica sand, cement, and additives to increase the strength of the material.

The product is then cut into sheets, pressed with the cedar imprint finish, and then dried at 170 degrees for nine hours to remove the moisture from the product. At this point, the material goes through testing to ensure its durability, and if the boards pass, it is packed and shipped.

Hopefully this provides a bit of insight into how this product is created, and provides you with the answers you’ve been searching for! If you’re ready to install beautiful & durable James Hardie on your Maine home, our team at Oceanside Exteriors is ready to assist! Reach out today to get started, and check out the video below for more information about the construction of James Hardie!

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